One of the most important aspects of room design is lighting. If you can't see what's inside your room, then what's the purpose of putting so much time into decorating? Moreover, lighting has changed drastically in recent years. With an array of lighting styles to choose from, we should allow ourselves to have more fun and begin to style a room around a fixture. And, when it comes to chandeliers, they aren't just for the dining room anymore  think out-of-the-box! Chandeliers can be used in a variety of spaces for a multitude of purposes.

Chandeliers are often underutilized in living rooms. We aren't talking huge, two-story rooms either: a simple living room can be jazzed-up by using a chandelier instead of a flush mount. Placement over a coffee table, or a focal point such as a large ottoman would be perfect. We love this layout featuring Travis, our modern diamond motif chandelier.

Chandeliers add romanticism and luxury to bedroom settings. Usually full of soft sheets and pillows, a bedroom beckons for pieces that add contrast and interest. Pamelia features crystal and metal accents, combined with mouth-blown glass and vintage tungsten filament bulbs. These attributes turn a good room into a head-turning room.

We love the idea of using a chandelier in a child's room, too. It's easy to match something glamorous and shiny with a girl's room —  but how about something bold, industrial, and strong for a young boy's room? Glendale is the perfect accent for submarine, machine age, or space age getaway. Its signature starburst shape and tungsten filament bulbs will make him feel like he is the pilot on his own voyage! We're also intrigued by this new trend of chandeliers above office spaces. If it's your home office, then a chandelier can be the perfect design choice between work and home. Without feeling too trapped, a funky and fun light fixture could remind you that you're still at home. At work, however, a chandelier can add a level of class that might otherwise be missing. Adding Andover to this office space eases the harshness of a traditional work environment. Its modern acrylic material retains light and carries it unbroken throughout the fixture while updating its classic shape. We're not saying to hang a chandelier above each cubicle, but maybe a few above certain desks would enhance the space.

The most popular new place for a chandelier is in the bathroom. Whether it's in the center of the room, in front of the vanity, or above the tub, every bathroom is getting a little face lift this season. Charlotte is an ideal match for a contemporary space with a six-sided baluster and a honeycomb-shaped canopy. Combined with its curved arms, Charlotte offers a superb mix of traditional and contemporary for this bathroom. We do recommend that you check your local building codes before planning too much, as some settings require fixtures rated for moisture. So put a call into your electrician and get that elegant bathroom going!


Lastly, we bring you a twist on the traditional dining room by moving the chandelier from above the dining room table to above the kitchen island. This is where you spend most of your time entertaining when your friends are visiting, so use this opportunity to make a flawless impression. Danville's graceful shape and polished body add glamour to this kitchen without being ostentatious. With such design-flexibility, chandeliers have become an easy and gorgeous way to add a dash of panache to any room.

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