The bathroom is a vital part of your beauty regimen. It’s where the magic happens. In the morning you walk into the bathroom in sweats and an old t-shirt (it's okay you splurged on that beautiful matching pajama set—sweatpants are comfier). And then you emerge—maybe 15 minutes, maybe two hours later—ready for the day. The morning routine you complete in your bathroom is a starting point for your entire day. What once was a personal routine between you, yourself, and your products is becoming something to talk about.

With the rise of the homegrown beauty brand, bathrooms have become a hub to show off your most coveted products. Posting an Instagram of your bathroom or the beauty products you’re using that day isn’t a strange concept anymore. In fact, it’s more than welcomed from many up-and-coming brands. Beauty brands like Drunk Elephant, Glossier, and Violet Grey all place an emphasis on the bathroom in their Instagram profiles. They’ve launched an idea that even though your bathroom and your routines are personal, they’re worth sharing and showing off. And we agree! Your bathroom is most likely the first room you use after waking up. Wouldn’t you like a bathroom that welcomes you with open arms? Especially those mornings when getting out of bed is hard enough. In order to create the perfect bathroom for morning rituals, it starts with the lighting.  

Corbett’s Enchanted Pendant.

For more information on bathroom lighting check out Hudson Valley Lighting’s Lighting Essentials Guide

If the beauty products you use are important to you, it’s essential to have a space where makeup and skincare application can be simple. A well-lit bathroom creates an optimal space for these routines. You’ll want to enhance your vanity with task lighting. When it comes to lighting your mirror, you'll ideally place sconces or pendants on both sides of the mirror. This will decrease shadows and allow you to carry out your morning routine without having to double-check yourself in another mirror before walking out the door. If mirror side-lighting is impossible, a bath-bar over the top is preferable. Overhead lighting, such as a flush mount or pendant, is another option. If you’re interested in really glamming up your bathroom and you have space, treat yourself with a chandelier.

While lighting is the base of a great bathroom, some would say the products you stock your bathroom with are just as important. Many brands are making the connection between the bathroom and the products you use in them.  


Non-toxic skincare brand Drunk Elephant treats new product launches like bathroom additions. By placing more importance on their products – much like the importance you’d put on a new showerhead or toilet — Drunk Elephant has created an aura of necessity. Their products work: they have thousands of satisfied customers making this claim and waiting for new products that will solve more annoying skin issues. They summarize this on Instagram by hinting, “Skin is important; you need to care about it; this new cleanser is just as important as any home addition”.      

Glossier, a beauty brand that caters to the minimalist “no make-up” make-up lovers of the world, and their blog counterpart, Into The Gloss, asks followers to share their #ITGTopShelfie. These photos of medicine cabinets and vanities are a creative way followers can share their most coveted beauty products. Glossier followers also share their daily beauty routines and what products they use on Into The Gloss’s Top Shelfie blog series. Famous Glossier fans — from actresses to CEOs — share their routines in The Top Shelf blog series.  The cherry on top of these blogs is professionally shot photography of the subject’s favorite products and perfectly decorated bathroom.

Violet Grey, a blog, online beauty store, and brick-and-mortar boutique in West Hollywood, shares the routines of successful beauty entrepreneurs in the Woman Made blog series. The “Before 10 AM” Q&A segment asks questions about the subject’s beauty routine with a dash of work-related questions thrown in. Questions range from “what time do you get to the office in the morning?” to “what’s your morning skincare regimen?” Violet Grey also uses the bathroom in their Instagram presence, claiming “this is Violet before 10 AM” — taking something as simple and mundane as brushing your teeth and turning it into something sexy and powerful.

As the beauty industry tells us that our bathroom is an important room worth investing in, home décor blogs like Houzz seem to agree. In one of just a few recent articles on the space, Houzz demonstrates 13 unconventional things that can be turned into a bathroom vanity. Scroll down a bit more and you’ll see 9 details that make your bathroom feel more luxe. According to Houzz, the number one way to achieve a luxe bathroom is statement lighting, and we couldn’t agree more. Below you’ll find a variety of Corbett Lighting fixtures to enhance your space!   





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