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Sophie Loghman

The Color Tour

August 01, 2019

Sophie Loghman

The Color Tour

August 01, 2019

Sophie Loghman is a lover of color. One look at her Instagram and you get it: COLOR. 

Color makes her happy and she (rightly) believes home should help you feel as good as you can.

When Sophie and her fiancé, Michael, bought a house in an area that they love, they wanted to make it such a place: a happy house where good memories would be made. But first, there was a problem.

Reader, it was SO. GREY. 

And beige.

And blah

So, Sophie fixed it. She and Michael renovated it over the course of three months.

One of the things they did to make their home shiny and oh so bright is add pops of brass. She chose brass and gold-leaf finishes for lighting fixtures that would be centerpieces for rooms that would also have several other beautiful and eye-catching elements.

Below, Sophie took the time to answer five questions from us.

Homeowner: Sophie Loghman | Fixture: Charisma by Corbett Lighting

1. How would you describe your style?

I'd describe myself as a mix of mid-century modern, color-coated magic, and comfortable. Making sure my home is aesthetically pleasing is important, but comfort is key!
2. What inspired you to start the #HappyHouseDreams hashtag?

I've always had a love of house exteriors. Even when I was a child, I would drive around neighborhoods with my family to admire houses. So, it was natural for me to always search for homes every time I traveled. I began to showcase my finds on my Instagram—and naturally gravitated towards colorful "happy" houses. And it's a dream of mine to have a colorful home, so the phrase "Happyhousedreams" came natural to me!

My first post was actually a pink house I found while I was visiting my now-fiancé in law school. We were sitting at breakfast and the rest is history! From there, I've found homes in almost every color—including a rainbow ombre one!
3. What does color mean to you? Tell us why you incorporate so much bright color into your home (and life!)

Color is extremely important to me—both through my interior design projects and my creative content. It's a way to express myself and promote my moods. If I'm feeling super girly, I put on a pink jumpsuit and some platforms—paired with my daisy sunnies—and I'm ready to take on the world. If I'm feeling energetic, I'll put on a vintage rainbow romper and jumpstart my day. 

And in my house, color is what inspires me (and all my guests!). I find myself most inspired when I am in a creative atmosphere, so I aimed to create that colorful vibe with my home. I created that through light fixtures, artwork, bedding, and statement furniture pieces.  

Homeowner: Sophie Loghman | Fixture: Paige by Mitzi

4. Why did you choose the lighting fixtures you did, such as Hudson's Astoria, Mitzi's Paige, and Corbett's Charisma?

When I first got my house, it was well-maintained but EVERYTHING was grey. Seriously, every single wall was painted grey or beige, and it lacked some much-needed modernizing. And for any room, the light fixture is the focal point so I knew I wanted some fabulous fixtures that would be statement pieces for my rooms. 

Our home is small—it only has six rooms: kitchen, two bedrooms, dining room, living room, and two bathrooms. So, as I was selecting fixtures, I wanted grand pieces that made every room feel unique and swoon-worthy. Of the fixtures I selected, I used ones with gold accents to tie our light fixtures together throughout the house. 

For our living room: the Astoria is the PERFECT blend of mid-century-modern aesthetics and brass detailing. It has a touch of vintage style with some modern updates, paired with brass finishes and light bubbles. We are able to dim the bulbs based on our TV-watching mood, so this fixture is perfect to adjust the brightness hues.

As for the dining room, I selected the elegant Corbett Lighting Charisma pendant. It's so charming and the gold leaf accents are a dream. There are tiers of tri-sided crystal rods that make quite a statement—I can't believe I get to eat dinner under it every night! I scored vintage lucite dining room chairs, so the crystal rods pair perfectly with them!
And for the Paige fixture—I’ve loved this fixture since I got it for my rental property and it’s the perfect centerpiece for my guest room. The sconces give it a modern feel, while the brass detail around the bulbs give it an almost-too-good-to-be true antique touch. We even added a fun ceiling medallion to it to give it more of a vintage feel. And you know it goes SO great with my lemon wallpaper. Sometimes I take naps in this room because I just love it so much!

Homeowner: Sophie Loghman | Fixture: Paige by Mitzi

5. What’s the first thing you’d like people to say when they enter your home or rental property? 


But really—the best compliments I have gotten is that the home made them feel inspired and youthful. More importantly, it made them want to hang out because entertaining is key to me. I have a home to create memories, so creating a space that is inviting is a highlight!


Just can't get enough? Read all about it in her own words here.



Header Image—Homeowner: Sophie Loghman | Fixture: Astoria by Hudson Valley Lighting